Public Schools

With progressive public school systems, Cross County is committed to increasing the quality of education for our residents, and in turn, quality of life for area families. Through consolidation over the years, we have built two fine districts that utilize the latest technology and teaching methods to create a culture of learning and personal growth for our youth.

The Wynne School District is one of the most highly regarded districts in Arkansas academically. Counselor Charles Wimbush(now retired) says, “We have the college prep curriculum and advanced placement in most academic areas that are required for college. The students who take those courses get the course study they need to prepare them for college. We also offer college career classes offered through East Arkansas Community College in Forrest City in which students can take some basic college courses on our campus.”

“Over the years you can see that our ACT scores have been pretty good,” adds Wynne High School Principal Keith Watson, “I think we prepare our students for higher education very good. We've had students to come back from colleges and universities and say they were ready.”

The Wynne School District is on the cutting edge of education. The district will go to a career academy concept in the 2015-2016 school year. Watson says, “Our move to career academies will better prepare our students for college in that they can chose an emphasis of study just like in college. It's more hands on for the students.”

A career academy is a personalized small learning community within a high school, selecting a subset of students and teachers for a two, three, and four-year span. Students enter through a voluntary process; they must apply and be accepted, with parental knowledge and support. Academy classes are usually in a blocked back-to-back daily schedule, and students attend them as a group.

Wynne Superintendent Carl Easley says, “Over 50 percent of our graduates go to college and we feel the career academy will better prepare them for not only college but also for future careers.”


The Wynne School District offers a wide range of extracurricular activities with a strong academic program, a strong athletic program, a strong band program, a strong Marine ROTC program and a strong Parent-Teacher-Association(PTA).

“We encourage parent involvement and our district has a very strong volunteer program with the residents and businesses in Wynne,” says Wynne Parent Coordinator Sherry Breckenridge, “Our Read Across America program encourages the public to spend time in the classroom reading to our students.”

Another strength of the Wynne School District is dealing with students with special needs. Glenda Vance, the Special Education Director for the Wynne School District, says, “The Wynne District supplies all of the 13 area needs as required by federal law at all grade levels. We offer a classroom setting or, if needed, one-on-one instruction. We also have a coaches classroom which will have a certified special education teacher and a certified instructor starting in the third grade in literacy and math.”  The Wynne School District operates several special needs handicap buses to transport students.

The Cross County School District in located in Cherry Valley and covers the northern part of Cross County including the incorporated cities of Hickory Ridge and Cherry Valley. The district's junior high and high school are conversion charter schools.

“Being a Conversion Charter school gives us waivers from the State Department of Education to do things differently. We are able to start our school year earlier and go eight weeks, then take a week off, go eight weeks and take a week off. It is giving us the freedom to try to do some new things with different topics in the same classroom. It means we can have a classroom of 50-to-60 students with two teachers and teach related topics in the same class as they relate to the real world.”

There are several secondary education opportunities for Wynne and Cross County. East Arkansas Community College located in Forrest City with a campus in Wynne. Crowleys Ridge Technical Institute is located in Forrest City. And, Arkansas State University is located in Jonesboro, some 50 miles away.

Wynne School District

  • 3,000 students
  • Primary, intermediate, junior and senior high schools
  • 16:1 student/teacher ratio in school district
  • 12:1 student/teacher ratio in high school
  • 2:1 student/computer ratio
  • 100% of teachers certified in areas they teach
  • 94.3% graduation rate
  • 20.5 average ACT score (state average)
  • Specialized Tech Programs:
    • College & Career Ready Programs
    • Training
    • Medical Professions Education
    • Spanish
    • Mandarin Chinese
    • Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST)
  • Up-to-date technology enhanced classrooms utilizing a variety of devices such as Smartboards, Promethean Boards, netbooks, chromebooks, Ipads, Ipod touches, and Mac labs.
  • Numerous concurrent credit courses through East Arkansas Community College including Composition 1 & 2, College Algebra, Psychology, Diesel Mechanics, Medical Professions, and U. S. History.

Cross County School District

  • 615 students
  • Primary, intermediate, junior and senior high schools
  • 100% of teachers certified in areas they teach
  • 11:1 student/teacher ratio in district
  • $10 million+ in new and upgraded facilities, classrooms and equipment
  • Technology-rich learning environment
  • Intermediate school first in the state for 1:1 learning with laptops
  • Every student, grades 4-6, issued a laptop for the year
  • Quality training for students and teachers using technology
  • Other special programs:
    • Concurrent credit through East Arkansas Community College and Crowley's Ridge Vo-Tech
    • Distance learning classes
    • Reading first K-3
    • Educational Renewal Zone Partner with the University of Central Arkansas