Governor assists CCHS with ribbon cutting on new C3 room!

September 3, 2015

By: Zeke Hardy and Bevin Dawson 

On September 3rd, Governor Asa Hutchinson attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Cross County’s new college and career access room, C^3. C^3 is a unique learning environment, designed to simulate a college experiences for the juniors and seniors of Cross County High School. As you enter C^3, the first thing that sets it aside from ‘normal’ classroom settings, is the vibrant furniture. There are couches, chairs that can circumnavigate the room, desktop computers equipped with Final Cut Pro, and a bar finished with bar stools for face-to-face learning. Alexis Gahr, a senior at CCHS, noted, “I like the new room because of the welcoming colors, because when I walk in in the morning, It’s not as droll as opposed to other rooms. It’s more energetic and that’s the way your day needs to be started.”

            The obvious focus for this class is to help prepare students for college, so instructional time is presented in a collegiate manor. The classes taught in the new room are Capstone, which is the senior English class, Civics and Digital Communications, which is the Junior co-taught class that incorporates media into Civics, and lastly, College & Career Prep for both juniors and seniors. These classes are the more rigorous courses taught in the school, so it only makes sense to teach them in a room where college and career readiness is taught.

            The facilitators of the classroom have made it their goal to present students with many options after high school. Whether those options be in the best classrooms across the country, or in a body shop close to home. The key, however, is to equip these students with the skills and learning required to make it anywhere post-high school. Seniors are learning English and philosophy in the classroom, but are also taking time to learn what they want to do whenever leaving high school. Deciding what college they want to attend, and what it takes to attend them, is just one example of the strides students are taking when it comes to college and career readiness. Juniors have a class dedicated strictly to college and career prep, and they are currently working on a project in which they research information about colleges they would like to attend.

Overall, students are ecstatic about the new room. Kyle James, also a senior at CCHS, says, “The new room and program together make the thought of post-high school progression seem so more realistic. The program first of all for helping us obtain options for things after school, and the room secondly because it just kind of shows how dedicated our teachers and faculty are about doing something with our lives.”